Saturday, 29 December 2007

Go online to calculate your carbon footprint

An online 'carbon calculator' launched yesterday will work out the impact of your lifestyle on the planet.

Repak -- a recycling promotion agency who developed the system -- said it is the first publicly accessible one of its kind in Ireland.

Environment Minister John Gormley said the internet calculator, at, would help people reduce their carbon footprint.

Users can determine their environmental impact by inputting details of their daily routine onto the website.

It will assess home heating methods, calculate energy consumption and investigate types of insulation being used by the householder. It will also gauge the type of lighting used at home, as well as the impact of their transport use, from private cars to long haul flights.

Users, who remain anonymous, are instantly provided with a monthly breakdown of carbon emissions. They are also given a comparative average for their lifestyle and hints and tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Brian Hutton
Irish Independent

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