Monday, 17 December 2007

RPS announce route Corridor variations for Corrib onshore pipeline

RPS, the consultants appointed by Shell E&P Ireland Limited (SEPIL) to facilitate the identification of a new pipeline route for the Corrib gas project, have announced two further Corridor options within the core study area.

These Corridors (Corridors A1 and C1) are variations of two of the previously short-listed corridors. They were identified following further technical and environmental studies, as well as feedback from the public consultation process.

Corridor A1 deviates south of Corridor A and, therefore, limits the distance that the pipeline traverses intact blanket bog in Rossport. Corridor C1 limits the distance that the pipeline traverses Sruwaddacon Bay. All of the Corridors are further away from housing than the original pipeline route.

All of the Corridor options have pros and cons and the final route will need to strike a balance between community, environmental/legal and technical issues.

RPS is now seeking input and views on these corridors from landowners and the local community, as well as other stakeholders and statutory bodies. The public consultation period that is now underway will finish on January 18th 2008.

Commenting, PJ Rudden, Director RPS said - "We have been engaging in public consultation for nearly a year and, during that time, we have heard many views from the local community. I would urge people to once again take the time to consider the corridor options and give us their feedback."

He added - "Due to some delays in conducting surveys and the fact that we want to ensure we have allowed adequate time for consultation, the process of identifying a final route is taking longer than anticipated. However, I feel that this time is being put to very good use and will help to make sure that the final outcome will be the identification of a route that strikes the best balance between all of the issues and selection criteria."

Further details on all of the corridors options are available in the Community Update Brochure that is being distributed to the Erris community.

All of the information is also on public display in the RPS Project Office in Seafield House, Belmullet. People can visit the office or make an appointment to view the Corridors and meet with RPS staff during office hours. The office can also be contacted by telephone - (097) 20720.

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