Thursday, 13 December 2007

How barrier-free tolling system will operate

Motorists using the M50 motorway from next August will have three payment options.

The first is a pre-paid electronic tag, under which the toll will be €2. These tags are operated by up to six different companies. Users will have to register and deposit at least €36 with one of the companies. They will have to top up by at least €18 when the initial deposit expires or they will no longer have the facility. There is a monthly administration fee, which will range from 36c to €1 depending on which company is used. There is no registration fee.

The second system, which involves a €2.5 toll, is for drivers who use a number plate-based account system. You register and give your car number details as well as your credit or debit card details.

The third is for those who pay for each trip separately. They will pay €3. There will be a machine in shops where you can register your car's number plate and pay. Bills must be paid by 8pm the day after use of the toll. Otherwise a bill will be posted to you.

If the bill is not paid within 10 days, you incur a penalty of €3. Failure to pay will invoke a minimum €40 fine and possible prosecution. Cameras mounted above each carriageway of the motorway photographs number plate details of the vehicles using the toll road.

Specialist equipment detects if an oncoming vehicle has an electronic tag fitted. Equipment is connected with the National Vehicle Driver Database, which has names and addresses of every vehicle owner.

Irish Independent

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