Thursday 17 July 2008

Council case against developer adjourned

A case taken by Dublin City Council against a developer who illegally demolished a 19th century convent in Terenure almost two years ago was this morning adjourned until September.

The former Presentation Convent in Terenure, south Dublin was demolished on the morning of November 4th, 2006 at a time when the council was considering proposals to make it a protected structure.

The council ordered the developer to stop unauthorised work on the site and to rebuild the former convent, issuing an enforcement notice in November 2006.

The proceedings were taken under the 2000 Planning and Development Act, which states: "Any person who, without lawful authority, causes damage to a protected structure or a proposed protected structure shall be guilty of an offence."

When the convent was not rebuilt by July 31st 2007, the council initiated legal proceedings against both Kimpton Vale Limited and the company's secretary Lawrence Keegan of Parkmore House, Auburn Drive, Castleknock for failing to comply with the enforcement notice.

At Dublin's District Court this morning, solicitor for the developer asked Judge Patrick McMahon to adjourn the case because the defence side was not yet ready to proceed.

Dublin City Council's solicitor Michael Quinlan asked that the case would proceed today because the demolition had taken place almost two years ago.

The judge said that the convent was already demolished and all sides should be ready before the case went ahead. He agreed to adjourn the case until September 4th.

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