Wednesday 30 July 2008

A councillor's view on planning - detailed design controls for every site in Dublin?

Madam, - During our economic boom Dublin sprawled and saw valuable green spaces gobbled up by developers. Despite the fact that five areas in the city were earmarked for high-rise buildings under the current Development Plan, it is indeed remarkable that Liberty Hall remains the City's tallest building.

Having been a member of Dublin City Council for the last four years I am convinced that one of the major reasons for this problem is the built-in vagueness and uncertainty which has underpinned planning for many decades. The preparation of the next City Development Plan for 2011-2017 is currently under way. The first phase of public consultation will begin in February.

In my opinion a completely new approach is required. I believe that land use zonings and height and density rules should be drawn up on a site-specific basis with complete clarity. Everyone will then know what can be built and where. The city needs development on a planned and sustainable basis. Clear rules will reduce delay and uncertainty for developers and give the residents of the city confidence in the planning process. - Yours, etc,

Cllr OIS├ŹN QUINN, Temple Villas, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

Irish Times

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