Sunday 1 November 2009

Council tees up 600 extra homes for Cosgrave golf club site

Cosgrave Developments has been given the go-ahead to develop more than 600 residential units in the second phase of its redevelopment of the former Dun Laoghaire golf club in south Dublin.

The local authority has told the developer it must pay more than €9m in development contributions as part of the planning permission, which was granted despite more than 140 objections and observations.

Despite the housing downturn, the Cosgraves have started work on the
first phase of the project which comprises more than 850 residential units,
offices, shops and an eight-acre park.

The second phase, which has now been approved, is mainly apartments in buildings of up to seven storeys. As part of the scheme the developer is also planning five parks with a total land area of over 7.5 acres.

Cosgrave took control of the 78-acre golf club after agreeing a land swap with the members that included a €20m fee and the provision of a new 27-hole course on the Dublin-Wicklow border.

The company is part of the Cosgrave Property Group which is owned by Joe, Mick, Peter, Willie and Helen Cosgrave.

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