Sunday 1 November 2009

Harry Crosbie gets green light for 'Dublin Eye' on north docks

Developer and concert promoter Harry Crosbie has been granted planning permission to build a Dublin version of the London Eye on land he owns next to the O2 concert venue at Dublin's north docks.

The €10m observation wheel will operate for up to four years.

It also means that Crosbie is likely to beat the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) in the race to build the first Dublin Eye, which will be less than half the height of its London counterpart.

The DDDA is planning to build one at George's Dock or Custom House Quay.

The DDDA had lodged an observation on Crosbie's plan with the council saying that the planning scheme for the area "does not envisage a development of the type proposed". It said the "proposal, albeit temporarily, would delay the implementation of a previously certified development for a mixed use" building.

Crosbie, meanwhile, has had an application for an outdoor event space and civic square in the area declared invalid. He is planning to develop space for performance and music events, markets and exhibitions.

Sunday Tribune

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