Monday 9 November 2009

CRH wants 57 acres of quarry lands rezoned

CRH, Ireland's most valuable company, is seeking to have almost 57 acres of land it owns at Huntstown Quarry in Finglas, west Dublin, rezoned for general industrial employment and related uses. The land is currently zoned for agricultural use.

The building-materials group owns more than 500 acres at Huntstown, of which about 130 are used for quarrying and ancillary aggregate production. Some of the land is designated for wildlife habitats and some is used for stables and horse exercise paddocks.

However, the company's Roadstone Dublin subsidiary says that "there are still large areas of undeveloped lands within the site boundaries, which appear capable of being developed without interfering with the main commercial quarrying activity on the lands".

It has sought the rezoning of a number of areas within its site, the majority of which is located along both sides of the site access road from the N2.

CRH says the land, which adjoins the Huntstown
power station, is "ideally located for commercial development" and that the current agricultural use is "anomalous".

It says that it "is reasonable to expect that the agriculture use will be displaced by commercial... uses if not in this plan period, then in the not too distant future as the reserves at Huntstown are eventually exhausted".

Sunday Tribune

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