Sunday 9 October 2011

Allegation of maladministration to be investigated by Limerick County Council

THE Deputy County Manager, Gerry Behan is to undertake an investigation into an allegation of maladministration in the council’s planning section.

Councillors were told that the complaint had already gone to the Ombudsman but had not been upheld. However, the Ombudsman had left open the door for a return to the case should any new or further information arise.

At a council meeting last Monday, however, County Manager Ned Gleeson insisted that when a complaint is laid against a member of his staff, it was his job to investigate it.

He informed councillors that he had met with the complainant – and on foot of that had asked his deputy to conduct an investigation.

It is understood the complainant is from outside Co Limerick and pertains to a planning permission which he failed to get in the Ardagh area of West Limerick. And while the details of the allegation were not made known to the Limerick Leader, it is understood that the complaint hinges on a claim of poor service and poor advice in the pre-planning stage.

Limerick Leader

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