Tuesday 25 October 2011

Dublin City Council to meet Clontarf residents over flood wall plans

DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL is to meet with members of Clontarf’s residents and business associations today to update them on controversial plans to build a flood defence defence wall along three kilometres of the area’s promenade.

Some 5,000 people protested the against the plans last Sunday with local politicians supporting the cause.

The proposal is for three kilometres of flood defences of between 0.85m and 2.75m in height to be built along the promenade. Construction is due to begin next year.
Residents say they welcome the need for a flood defence system but reject the current plan, citing tourism and safety as two reasons. The Clontarf Residents’ Association says it was not properly consulted during the initial planning process back in 2006.
It also argues that the project would reach up to 9 foot in places.

Dublin City Council argues that a full public consultation was carried out and an Environmental Impact Statement was submitted to An Bord Pleanála.

The meeting today follows the DCC’s comment that it would “re-engage” with the Office of Public Works and the planning board about the scheme.

Speaking to the TheJournal.ie this morning, Clontarf Residents’ Association member Deirdre Tobin said: “We can’t pre-empt these things but we hope they see sense and go back to the drawing board. We will voice what we have to say in objections to various aspects of it.”

Local architects who have examined the proposal on behalf of members of the Clontarf Residents’ Association and the Clontarf Business Association plan to make a presentation at the meeting which is due to take place at 4pm today.



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