Thursday 20 October 2011

Heritage Group to fight port plans

BREMORE Heritage Group, 'No Port Here' has vowed to fight Drogheda Port Company plans to develop a new deep water harbour close to the Delvin River. The group was commenting after Paul Fleming, chief executive officer, Drogheda Port, had informal discussions with Balbriggan Town Council chairman and town clerk. Afterwards, Drogheda Port said it hopes to move the project to the planning stage before the end of 2011. 'We have no idea of what they have planned for this land which is among the most important in the country in terms of archelogy because every river which run into the sea in that area has passage tombs. 'What will building a two kilometre long pier out into the sea mean for currents? It is like putting a length of rock cliff into the Irish Sea. Will it mean that Balbriggan and Skerries harbours would silt up? The plans could effect the wildlife, ecology and environment as far south as Dublin Bay. 'We just don't know what they may find from an archeological point of view even under the sea,' said Bremore Heritage Group ' No Port Here' spokesperson, Kathryn Marsh. Drogheda Port Company began the development in 2002 as 'a strategic response to the impending future deficit in port capacity not only at Drogheda Port but also on the east coast of Ireland'. Drogheda Port Company's joint venture partners is Castle Market Holdings Limited , whose business in Ireland is managed by Treasury Holdings. Calling for the port developers to consult with groups like themselves and An Taisce, Kathryn Marsh says the lack of information is frustrating for everyone. 'We will only know what is happening when the planning application is lodged. In the meatime, we are just going on things that we hear from a number of different sources,' she said. The group would also like to see the debate widened to because the project is going to impact on thousands of people living along the coast.

Fingal Independent

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