Monday 16 July 2007

Census reveals towns with most immigrants

THERE are 2,143 Asians and 1,543 people of African descent living in Cork city, while Midleton has the largest number of foreign nationals of any town in the county.

However, according to census figures Co Kerry also has some of the high concentrations of immigrants in Munster.

Tralee, with a total population of 21,420, has 347 people of African origin and 313 Asians. It also has 89 people from South America. In addition, the town has 1,767 people living there who come from other countries in the EU, mainly from eastern Europe.

Killarney’s 11,846 population contains nearly 500 Asians, who outnumber the African contingent by nearly four to one.

Unlike Cork, where immigrants from Africa and Asia are scattered throughout nearly all towns, in Kerry they are concentrated in the larger urban areas. For example, there are just four Africans and five Asians in Killorglin, although there are 203 people from other EU countries.

There isn’t one African to be seen in Listowel, although there are 14 Asians. There are also no Africans registered as living in Castleisland, but there are 10 Asians and 129 east Europeans.

Dingle has two Africans and they are again outnumbered by Asians, at 18. However, the town has 227 eastern Europeans, mainly employed in the fishing and tourism industries. Kenmare has just five Africans and 14 Asians.

The census figures show that there are 1,135 eastern Europeans living in Midleton, which has a total population of 9,688. The town has 130 Africans and 69 Asians. Many of the east Europeans living in Midleton are involved in construction and the food industry.

Carrigaline comes a close second with 120 Africans, 44 Asians and 900 eastern European. Cobh has 676 East Europeans, 114 Africans and 33 Asians.

Nearby Passage West has a high number of immigrants from the two continents, with 55 Africans and 35 Asians.

Carrigtwohill, one of the fastest growing towns in the region, has also a high population of immigrants, with 85 Africans and 10 Asians, while Bandon has 68 and 17 respectively.

Neither town has particularly high numbers of eastern Europeans.

Africans, on the other hand, outnumber Asians in Crosshaven by 11 to 6, but the eastern European contingent comes in there at 109, out of a total population of 1,463.

Youghal’s community of 34 Asians is exactly double the African contingent; while the African community in Macroom is outnumbered four to one by its 20 Asians, who are again dwarfed by the eastern European population of 426. The vast majority of them are Poles.

There are 56 Asians in Clonakilty and 31 Africans. Bantry has 17 Africans and 53 Asians, while Skibbereen has nine Africans and 23 Asians.

Irish Examiner

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