Tuesday 17 July 2007

It's no Kerry joke - they're praying for rain in Kenmare

A COMPLETE ban has been imposed on developments in Kenmare, one of Ireland's fastest-growing and most popular tourist towns, because of concerns about the town's water supply and quality.
Council officials have their fingers crossed that the summer's rain will continue in order to prevent a drought, a meeting of Kerry County Council heard yesterday.
In the decade since 'Fortune' magazine voted the heritage town one of the top destinations in the world to retire to - alongside London, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Florida - Kenmare has seen its population surge by 30pc.
Huge numbers of holiday and second home developments encircle the town.
Currently, plans for what is effectively a whole new town on the seaward side are before An Bord Pleanala and a decision is expected shortly.
However, Kenmare's water supply often turns out to be of poor muddy quality and there is not enough of it.
Now no developments and no housing schemes are being given planning permission because of the town's lack of water and lack of water treatment, director of water services, Oliver Ring told councillors yesterday. Development in Kenmare was "closed down", he said in reply to questions from mayor of Kerry, Cllr Michael Healy-Rae.

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