Wednesday 16 January 2008

Ambitious plan to revitalise Liffey

An €18 million plan to revitalise the river Liffey has been proposed to Dublin City Council.

The plans will see a 120 meter long pontoon, designed to replicate a street, built between Millennium Bridge and the Halfpenny Bridge on Dublin's Ormond Quay.

This floating street will have a restaurant and bar on it and will also be the meeting point for a new river cruise and taxi service.

As part of the ambitious plan by Irish Ship and Barge Fabrication Company, they have identified four sunken old Guinness barges which they intend resurfacing and then refurbishing in Holland.

If the plans are given the go ahead, these 80 foot long barges, refurbished with glass undersides, could be seen on the river as early as mid 2009. These will enable travellers to take a cruise from Heuston Station to the docks at the mouth of the Liffey.

Colin Bartley

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