Wednesday 23 January 2008

Eight measures to regenerate troubled areas

THE key proposals of Limerick's northside and southside vision plans are:

l The total rebuilding of the Moyross estate and large parts of Southill and Ballincurra Weston estates.

l This will involve the demolition of 1,100 houses in Moyross and 900 in the Southill and Ballincurra Weston.

An additional 400 houses will be refurbished in the Southill estates of Carew Park and Kincora Park.

l A new town centre is planned for Moyross and new neighbourhood centres for Southill and Ballincurra Weston and the creation of two new garda stations in Moyross and Southill.

l Residents will be encouraged to buy out their homes under a new tenant-purchase scheme.

l A certificate of eligibility will be required from the gardai and the local authority before anyone is allocated a house.

l Tax incentives for particular zones within the regeneration areas to encourage private sector investment are also recommended.

l The small number of families causing absolute havoc must get constant attention from the gardai.

l All State agencies must, from now on, take strong enforcement measures against the perpetrators of crime, intimidation and anti-social behaviour including: review of welfare payments, tax compliance and tenancy agreements.


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