Tuesday 29 January 2008

County Council to weed out 'serial objectors'

'Serial objectors' are the new nuisance on the block according to Kerry County Council, who are to write to the Minister of the Environment to stamp out what they say are nuisance planning objectors.

This follows, a recent spate of objections from; identified "serial objectors" to An Bord

Speaking at the Council chambers on Monday, both Cllr Dinny and Michael Healy-Rae asked for the support of the Council in writing to the Minister to do something about objectors who appeal decisions to an Bord Pleanala granted to family members by Kerry County Council. They stated that family members are entitled to planning permission on family land and that a recent spate of unreasonable objections has caused a number of families great distress.

Stating that families are being devastated by the appeals, Cllr Danny Healy-Rae said "We need to ask Minister Gormley about what we can do about this".

Cllr Robert Beasley concurred, saying that it caused fierce hardship for families involved.

He suggested that an increase in the objector's fee may weed out "serial objectors".

It was agreed that a letter be sent to Minister John Gormley to help Kerry County Council devise a solution.

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