Wednesday 23 January 2008

Ennis council offices open today

Ennis County Council's new €27 million headquarters will open to the public today - almost a decade after the proposal was first mooted.

The council's 300 staff will start their first day at the new headquarters today after spending the past 18 months in various offices in Ennis.

Clare's mayor, Cllr Patricia McCarthy (Ind), welcomed the opening and expressed hope that the new offices would act as a focal point not just for Ennis, but for Clare.

The transfer to the new headquarters has taken place without disruption following the council and Impact coming to a resolution on the council's disciplinary procedures.

Last month, Impact members voted four to one for industrial action in relation to disciplinary procedures that the council has in place.

The vote threatened to disrupt the relocation to the council's headquarters, however, the two sides met last week and agreed to refer the council's contentious disciplinary procedures to a third party.

The Irish Times

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