Monday 26 January 2009

New Master Plan adopted for Dublin Docklands

The Dublin Docklands Master Plan 2008 has been adopted following extensive public consultation and significant modifications to the initial draft plan.

After the publication of the draft Master Plan last June, 123 submissions were received and each was carefully considered and incorporated where appropriate. The amended draft Master Plan was then presented for adoption to the 26-member council of the Docklands Authority, which includes community representatives, local councillors and stakeholders.

The 2008 Master Plan lays the foundations for the next five to ten years of the Dublin Docklands project. Building on the success of both the 1997 and 2003 Master Plans, it will provide the reference point for the roll-out of projects, programmes and policies for the sustainable regeneration of the Docklands. It is a very comprehensive document covering social regeneration, economic development, land use, transportation, infrastructure, urban design, arts, culture, tourism and leisure.

Donal O'Connor Chairman, Dublin Docklands Development Authority said that the preparation of the Master Plan had involved extensive stakeholder consultation and wider public engagement and that the final document had been enriched as a result of the consultation process and submissions.

"When this Master Plan can be delivered, it will bring enormous benefits to all stakeholders - including the city of Dublin, the local community and the new community - and will play an important part in delivering jobs and economic prosperity for our city. The current unfavourable economic climate will pose many challenges for all of us as we pursue our ambitions on behalf of Docklands. However, I am confident, that Docklands will continue to be a vibrant and positive regeneration project for the city of Dublin" - he said.

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