Monday 26 January 2009

Town plan for Carnew revealed

A NEW health centre, a new road and plenty more housing look set to arrive in Carnew after members of Wicklow County Council adopted the town plan on Monday.

The plan which was before the members was subject to five amendments, all put forward by Cllr. Pat Doran, will pave the way for a health centre opposite the community centre in the town.

Cllr. Doran said that six hectares of land on the Gorey Road should be appropriately zoned in the plan. He said there were plans afoot to build a health centre on these lands through public private partnership.

He pointed out the site, a green field site, was ideal for such a venture and noted it was across the road from the community centre.

Cllr. Doran also said that in time it was hoped to have an ambulance space sited there.

'As everyone in South Wicklow knows there is really no ambulance service at the moment. We have to get one from Arklow or Baltinglass which is a half hour drive away.'

Labour's Nicky Kelly seconded this amendment saying that it was a very practical change while Cllr. Vincent Blake said the provision of a health centre was very important for the area.

Director of Services Des O'Brien said the amendment would see a lot of extra houses being permitted in Carnew, an area where there was more than ample lands zoned for residential.

Cllr. Doran then proposed that a 2.2 hectare area of land be changed to 1.1 hectares for community and 1.6 areas for residential. This was seconded by Cllr. Vincent Blake.

His third amendment also garnered plenty of support as it would facilitate a new road at the rear of the primary school.

Mr. O'Brien said that if adopted that amendment would make way for a further 68 houses.

Cllr. Blake was once again fighting Cllr. Doran's corner saying a new road would be great for the community and if anyone saw the traffic chaos in Carnew in the morning between the primary and secondary school they would agree.

'There is a huge problem with parking and parents are very concerned. This is a win win situation for the community. There has to be a certain amount of gain for the landowner.'

The penultimate amendment proposed by Cllr. Doran will see a small area which is currently zoned as wetlands zoned industrial while the fifth and final amendment would see an area of around three quarters of a hectare rezoned.

Cllr. Doran said that he was proposing these changes because they would benefit the whole community and not 'because I have anyone breathing done my neck'.

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