Thursday 11 June 2009

Dublin at the Crossroads: key points

The creation of a new greater Dublin region governance with power to raise taxes and set a strategic vision;

A new “working partnership” of all agencies responsible for enterprise and development in the region, with strong links to academia;

An emissions trading initiative to be set up within the financial services sector;

A new IFSC-style centre for the development of digital media and licensing;

Transformation of the current CO2-heavy transport system to avoid high carbon taxes;

Mobile information technology classrooms to travel to disadvantaged areas;

Introduce a “Dublin region brand”, a “Dublin heroes” project and green, eco-friendly taxis to foster identity, recognise achievement and promote environmental awareness;

Tackle urban sprawl by adopting a region-wide policy on height and density.

Address crime through education, special programmes for people at risk and through building strong communities.

Irish Times

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