Thursday 11 June 2009

Location of waste facility 'unsuitable'

AN TAISCE representatives have claimed the site location for a proposed toxic waste incinerator at Ringaskiddy in Cork Harbour as “wholly unsuitable”.

The conservation group claimed that Indaver Ireland’s site selection failed to meet the criteria for World Health Organisation guidelines for waste facilities.

In the fourth week of an oral hearing into plans to build the proposed incinerator, An Taisce’s Seán Ó Cróinín delivered a speech outlining the reason behind the group’s objection to the development, comparing Indaver’s site selection process to the story of a well-known fairytale.

“The rationale for the site selection bears no relation to site suitability but, we suspect, to chance availability of the land at a past opportune moment and the applicant is endeavouring to fit the shoe on the ugly sister’s foot rather like in the Cinderella fairytale,” he said.

An Taisce claims the incinerator would be better placed on an inland site, in the interest of public safety, residential amenity and the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

“The proposal would be better served by locating in a more suitable location in an inland site with radial access and main road frontage, as is the case with all their existing thermal treatment plants elsewhere,” he added.

A spokesman for Indaver said the site was zoned for industrial use. “An Taisce’s stance on waste- to-energy differs not just from ours, but also the stated policy position . . . of Government, EU, WHO and EPA.”

Irish Times

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