Tuesday 9 June 2009

Outgoing councillors may vote on rezoning

COUNCILLORS in Meath are due to meet today to debate and possibly vote on rezoning lands in the county – even though some of them were unsuccessful at the polls on Friday and no longer have a mandate for the next five years.

The plans are for Ashbourne and Dunshaughlin and dozens of submissions were made by members of the public and developers. The plans will form a blueprint for development between now and 2013. Under legislation, outgoing councillors hold office for seven days after polling. Therefore, those who may no longer have a mandate will be allowed to vote on land rezonings.

Labour Senator Dominic Hannigan says the situation “is far from ideal,” and has asked Minister for the Environment John Gormley “whether you have the power, as Minister, to request that this meeting be postponed until the new council is sworn in. If so, will you consider doing this?”

The council got 87 submissions on the Dunshaughlin area plan, including requests to rezone 484 hectares of land. One submission refers to 110 hectares, another to 200 hectares. There were 27 submissions on the Ashbourne plan.

If significant changes are proposed, the plans maybe put back on public display and the newly-elected county councillors would vote on them later this year.

Irish Times


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