Friday, 22 December 2006

Creating Child Friendly Cities

I once spent a year in researching in Australia where Brendan Gleeson was based. His new book makes for interesting reading for any planner with or without kids:

Front cover of Creating Child Friendly Cities

Edited by: Brendan Gleeson & Neil Sipe

Leading planning and geography authors present this comprehensive assessment of the extent to which the physical and social make-up of western cities accommodates and nourishes the needs of children and youth.

Examining the areas of planning, design, social policy, transport and housing, Creating Child Friendly Cities outlines strengths and deficiencies in the processes that govern urban development and change from the perspective of children and youth. Issues explored include children's view of the city and why this is unique; the 'obesity epidemic': is it caused by cities?; and the journey to school and children's transport needs generally.

With illustrations and case studies, Creating Child Friendly Cities presents planning professionals with a solid case for child-friendly cities and an action plan to create places for children to play.

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