Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan 2007-2010 - Public Consultation

All stakeholders including members of the public, communities, non-government organisations, businesses, clubs, societies etc. are invited to comment on the production and content of the Biodiversity Action Plan for Dublin city. This public consultation will run from Monday 27th November 2006 to Monday 15th January 2007. Stakeholders will then be invited to comment on a draft plan in the New Year, with a view to launching the final document in April 2007.

The term biodiversity refers to our natural heritage. It means the diversity of life forms and natural processes. It includes the diversity of landscapes, habitats, all species, wild and cultivated, and even diversity at the sub species level at varieties or breeds. It includes natural processes that people can influence positively and negatively. Therefore the biodiversity plan for the city should identify positive actions, improve quality of life and benefit both people and wildlife throughout the city.

The production of the Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan is an action of the Dublin City Heritage Plan 2002-2006, and is partially funded by the Heritage Council.

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