Thursday, 14 December 2006

Cullen launches new archaeology publication - Seanda

Transport Minister, Martin Cullen, T.D. has launched a new archaeology magazine produced by the National Roads Authority (NRA) called Seanda. The magazine will be published annually and will be free of charge. The Minister also launched a series of brochures and posters under the NRA's Archaeology Discoveries series.

Seanda, meaning antiquity or 'the ancient past', relates findings of archaeological investigations which are funded by the NRA under their national road programme. It carries special features as well as news articles on various aspects of the findings. The first edition of the 73 page publication carries some 30 articles, supported with relevant charts, maps and photographs.

The new posters and brochures which form part of an Archaeology Discoveries series, cover archaeological sites discovered in counties Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Longford, Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Waterford, Wicklow and Wexford. They add to a collection produced by the NRA last year.

At today's launch at the Royal Irish Academy, Minister Cullen said: "I warmly welcome the publication of Seanda and the new brochures and posters in the Archaeology Discoveries series. Taken together they form an important point of reference for anyone interested in the rich heritage uncovered by the national roads programme in recent times. These publications represent important additions to the growing catalogue of archaeological literature now available from the NRA. Artefacts uncovered by archaeologists can help determine the wealth of a community, an individual or a neighbourhood. The origin of objects found on the landscape can tell us about trade networks and provide an insight into daily living patterns of an earlier people. It is vitally important from both a historical and educational viewpoint, that we can access clear information - like the images, photographs and feature articles provided in these publications - about the archaeological investigations undertaken as part of our national roads-building programme".

Minister Cullen welcomed the fact that Seanda will be supplied to public libraries and secondary schools in addition to archaeological and heritage societies. "As we are progressing in delivering major national road projects throughout the country, a number of archaeological discoveries have been found which offer us a most interesting and intriguing insight into our past. A distant past that is part of what has formed us and will continue to be the core of our heritage for every generation to come", he concluded.

To access the Seanda publication and the Archaeology Discoveries brochures please link to

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