Friday, 8 December 2006

Proposal has to be abandoned after Councillors provided with wrong maps

From Bray People:

A proposal to zone the Burnaby area of the Greystones as existing residential in order to stop unsuitable development had be abandoned after it emerged that the wrong maps had been put on display.

Cllr. Derek Mitchell told members that many people living in the area who had gone to view the maps were either 'pretty confused or cluless' as the wrong area had been mapped. 'These maps were wrong and didn't show the proper proposals. This whole amendment should be thrown out.'

It was agreed to defer this proposal, as the councillors could not vote because the display process had not been adhered to. It will now be considered at a later date.

Another amendment to a previous amendment to stop the creation of land access through existing estates proved to be contentious.

Making a proposal to the original amedment, Cllr. Derek Mitchell called for the reinstation of the zoning for the Burnaby that was in the previous development plan, in order to prevent purpose built flats being constructed there.

The councillor said there had been problems in the town as access to new developments was being created through established housing estates, which was 'terrible for residents. People think they live in a quiet cul de sac.'

Cllr. Tom Fortune asked that the word 'cul de sac' be included in the amendment, as the original amendment was 'too bland'. 'Estates require protection as builders are knocking walls down,' he remarked.

Accepting the planners warnings that this amendment may be too restrictive, Cllr. Kathleen Kelleher commented that she didn't want to 'cut off all avenues'.

The amendment was defeated by nine votes to six, with the original amendment standing.

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