Friday, 15 December 2006

Wind farm claims are a lot of hot air

From Irish Indo:

MOST wind farms are failing to produce as much electricity as predicted, according to a new independent study.
The damning report just published has been seized on by anti-wind farm groups claiming that giant farms are a waste of time and money and destroying scenic views.
They are now planning to contest key constituencies affected by dozens of giant turbines higher than the Spire of Dublin in the looming general election.
The British report, by the Renewable Energy Foundation, says many parts of the countryside are simply not windy enough to allow turbines to work efficiently.
The Renewable Energy Foundation is a charity set up to compare the efficiency of alternative energy technologies.
Its new report is being taken seriously because the foundation is recognised as an independent scientific body with no axe to grind. It based its study on more than 500 turbines currently in operation.
It found that wind farms in Wales are running at just 23.8 capacity and in Cornwall at 24.1pc. Other areas showed similar performances. The only area which hit the target was Southern Scotland.

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