Friday, 22 December 2006

Hauliers Welcome The Opening Of The Dublin Port Tunnel

The Irish Road Haulage Association today has welcomed the opening of the Dublin Port Tunnel. The association has campaigned for a very long period of time for the construction of this tunnel in order to alleviate the high levels of HGV congestion in Dublin city. The association stepped up its call for work to commence on the eastern bypass to begin without further delay and complete the final link in the transport jigsaw.

The association made these comments at the official opening of Dublin Port Tunnel, but remained very anxious about critically important health and safety issues such as the wisdom behind the high levels of hazardous freight expected to use the tunnel, safety on the M50 and the decision to close key roads to HGV’s wishing to travel to and from Dublin Port.

Commenting on the opening of the tunnel, Jimmy Quinn, spokesperson for the Irish Road Haulage Association said: “we question the policies advocated by the publicly appointed councillors of Dublin City Council and find some of their decisions illogical. An example of this can be seen by their decisions to close Sean Moore Road and East Wall Road now. We believe it would be more sensible to wait until the M50 has completed the construction of its three-lane carriageway. To do so now will only lead to immense difficulties on these major arteries in and out of Dublin city.

The IRHA is very committed to developing a common sense solution to the DCC HGV management strategy, but believes the present mindset by Dublin City Councillors will lead to chronic traffic congestion across the city unless a sensible outcome prevails involving the association.

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