Saturday, 17 February 2007

Ballina harbour dispute

This from the Western People:

A BIZARRE situation developed in Ballina last Friday afternoon when a security man was put at the entrance to the harbour and locks and chains were put on gates in the area.
A number of people working in small business ventures on the quay were allowed to remove their vehicles from the area but at that stage no one was allowed enter the quay.
Moy Valley Resources have leased a part of the quay/harbour area from Ballina Harbour Commissioners for the past number of years and have, in turn, rented spaces to a number of small business concerns.
The locks and chains were removed from the gates later and they remained off yesterday (Mon.) when the gates were open. It is understood that Gardai were called to the area at one stage.
In a statement, Moy Valley Resources regretted that the Harbour Commissioners had locked the Quay. They claimed there were about 20 jobs in the various small companies and that these were at risk.
Moy Valley said the action was taken despite the offer of Moy Valley to enter into arbitration with the Harbour Commissioners and ongoing negotiations that were happening that morning (Fri.).
The statement from Moy Valley added that they would be taking legal action to defend their rights.
In a statement yesterday (Mon.) the River Moy Harbour Commissioners said it was with regret they had to take certain actions in relation to their property at the harbour, in trying to resolve difficulties which had been going on over a period of years, with due process being followed, both formal and legal.

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