Friday, 23 February 2007

Clare County Council approves its seventh wind farm

Clare County Council has approved the seventh wind farm in the county despite some local opposition.
This follows German company Pro Ventum securing planning permission for a €10 million six-turbine wind farm at Tullabrack near Kilrush.
It is the second wind farm that the company has secured permission for in the west Clare area and the previous proposal also faced opposition.
Currently there are two wind farms operational in the county - the Pro Ventum wind farm at Monmore and the second 11-turbine wind farm near Connolly in mid-Clare.
The Pro Ventum application was first lodged four years ago and the application was only reactivated recently when the company lodged further information.
The Monmore Action Group opposed the plan.
However, the council granted planning permission having regard to the national policy in relation to the development of sustainable energy resources and the provision of wind energy guidelines.
The council also granted planning because of the general suitability of the site for a wind-powered energy generating facility, the wind energy resources available and the nature of the landscape in the area, including a nearby wind farm and a suitable ESB sub-station.
The council also ruled that the proposed development would not seriously injure the visual amenities or landscape, interfere with views or injure the amenities of residential properties in the vicinity, or be prejudicial to public health.The council has prohibited wind farms in large tracts of Clare.
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