Monday, 26 February 2007

Quarry company slammed in court

A Blessington Quarry Company were called 'grossly irresponsible' by Judge William Earley on Tuesday for allowing, what he described as, a 'lethally defective' vehicle on the road.

Richard Seale, Colliga, Donard and Kearney Seale Quarries Limited were before the court for allowing the truck, which had exceeded its maximum load, on the road at Timmore, Newcastle.

Garda truck examiners said that the vehicle had a worn tyre, broken recording equpment, had an air tank that was only held on by stretched plastic ties, and had seized steering.

The Garda described the tipper truck as 'dangerously defective'.

'It was lethally defective and it was grossly irresponsible to allow it on a public road,' said Judge Earley who imposed fines which totalled e4,100.

'This was one of the most dangerous vehicles I have heard of in evidence. It was very fortunate that Garda Roisin Daly stopped the driver before a serious injury or fatality occurred,' he said.

Wicklow People 22/2/2007

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