Monday, 19 February 2007

Hauliers Predict Chaos On M50 Following HGV City Ban

So were they right? Or was it scaremongering? I imagine life was that little bit more pleasant in the city today and alot more unpleasant on the M50!

The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) today ( Monday the 19th of February) predicted widespread traffic chaos on the M50 following the introduction of Dublin City Council’s HGV Management Strategy that came into operation today. This new strategy prohibits 5 axle vehicles from travelling within a cordon area of the city from 07.00-19.00hrs Monday to Sunday.

The IRHA has had lengthy discussions with DCC officials and believes that its elected councillors are “steamrolling” in this crude and unscientific strategy without any professional advice taken. The IRHA believe that this ban will lead to widespread difficulty across the city and is very premature in advance of the M50 being upgraded and barrier free tolling being introduced on the Westlink.

Jimmy Quinn, spokesperson for the IRHA said: “we are very committed to a developing a common sense solution to the DCC HGV strategy, but the mindset of Dublin City Councillors to introduce this change now will lead to chronic traffic congestion on the M50, unless a sensible solution outcome prevails involving the association and stakeholders.”

The IRHA has hosted meetings with groups that share similar concerns about the introduction of this HGV ban. The groups include IBEC, fruit importers, Small Firms Association, shipping lines and the Dublin Port Company.

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