Sunday, 18 February 2007

The no runway campaign continues

I received this email from the United Portmarnock Residents Opposing Another Runway. For those interested in this campaign, please read the following email.

Dear Brendan,

I see you have been covering some of our stuff on your blog, i.e. our figures on the global warming impact of Dublin Airport as reported in Village and some moves in
Tullamore to consider a Midlands airport. You can check us out at

The next phase in our battle with the forces of evil (unsustainable planning junkies) will be at an oral hearing at An Bord Pleanála into the proposed new terminal at Dublin Airport. ABP has decided to call one but no date is fixed yet.

Also you may know the ABP has asked for more information about the proposed new runway (mostly noise data). That's unusual, I'm told, as the oral hearing was held before last Christmas. It pushes off the Board's decision on the runway into mid year (July probably). It may also mean that the oral hearing on the terminal will be held before the runway decision. That's as should be as the DAA has been trying to get away with project splitting and this sequence will make it easier for us to have a go at them for that chicanery.

As we've been saying they're trying to get away with trebling passengers to 60 million by submitted planning applications in a piecemeal fashion, and claiming that any noxious consequences of their activities will be due to some other piece of their plan which is not under consideration at this time.

Has a look at the legal submission our legal eagles made which goes into this project splitting a bit:

Regards, Matt Harley

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