Thursday, 15 February 2007

Tara to be placed on a list of the world's 100 most endangered sites.

The Irish Indo' tells us of how the Ancient Hill of Tara has been nominated for inclusion on a list of the world's 100 most endangered sites.
The World Monuments Watch has helped save 420 irreplaceable sites in 80 countries, including the ancient Buddhist temple of Preah Khan at Angkor, Cambodia, built in 1191.
Environmentalists hope inclusion on the 2008 list will boost their campaign to reroute the M3 away from the fort. They claim the site is being threatened by construction of the M3 motorway, ancillary development and neglect.
However, the National Roads Authority point out the new road will be much safer, will save lives every year and is further away than the existing road.
Vincent Salafia of TaraWatch said the nomination takes the campaign to halt work on the M3 to a new level internationally.
"We are extremely hopeful the Government will think twice before signing the 30-year construction and tolling contract," he said. "The sustainable alternatives must be reviewed in light of the new data and EU rules on transport carbon emissions and climate change."
International expert Dr Ron Hicks, of the Department of Anthropology, Ball State University, Indiana endorsed the nomination. A decision on whether to include the Hill of Tara on the list will be made in the summer.

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