Friday 16 May 2008

Dunleer pressure to get Greens behind station pian

DUNLEER Community Development Board have been putting pressure on the Green Party to get behind the campaign to reopen the town's rail station.

When the coalalition party held its annual conference in Dundalk, members of the board met party leader and Minister for the Environment John Gormley and pressed on him the importance of the station to mid-Louth.

The board has written to lan Lumley, Heritage Officer with An Taisce requesting a meeting to discuss the station and the Dunleer town development.

After the rejection by An Bord Planeala of the plan to re-open the rail station, Mr Dave Murray, the Financial Director of Peachglen Development, the company behind the proposed Dunleer Development Plan, said an amended plan will be resubmitted.

An Bord Pleanala rejected the 60 million plan which included the 4.5 million needed to reopen the rail station.

"We're in the process of drawing up a new plan and hope to submit it by the end of May," Mr Murray said.

"We are absolutely committed to resubmitting this plan. We have been very encouraged by the overwhelming support of the public."

There were three areas of land involved in the proposed development: one owned by Peachglen; one by Dunleer co-Ownership; and one by larnrod Eireann.

Peaschglen and Dunleer co-Ownership then amalgamated and after two years of talks with Louth County Council, planning permission was granted.

An appeal was lodged with An Bord Pleanala by An Taisce and upheld.

"From day one, we wanted to re-open the station," Mr Murray said.

"The re-opening of Dunleex station is not included in Transport 2021 so we decided to dig deep into our pockets. The station would help our development and the town."

It was proposed to have a bus link between the centre of Dunleer, the development, and the rail station.

The 60 million development would create 150 jobs during construction and 170 permanent jobs.

It would include a main store, fitness centre, creche, 11 shops, offices, houses, restaurant, bookmakers and 316 underground car parking spaces.

Michael King and Gene Yore
Dundalk Democrat

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