Friday 16 May 2008

New town near Bray would cause chaos

Plans to build a new town on the outskirts of Bray would only lead to further traffic congestion and perhaps even complete gridlock on the N11, according to a local councillor.

The proposed new town would be built to the west of Fassaroe and designed to take advantage of the suggested Luas extention.

Supporters of the plan say the new town would also be able to make use of its close proximity to both the N11 and M50 motorway.

But Wicklow County Councillor Derek Mitchell is strongly opposed to any such proposals, believing that the new town would would bring an effective halt to traffic on the N11.

The N11 is a vital artery for all places South. I am against this plan for a new town unless a major and expensive N11 upgrade is built.'

The County Councillor said he was disturbed' by the new plans.

The Bray Chamber of Commerce, on the other hand, said it recognises the need for expansion in the Bray area and in principle agrees that this area is suitable.

Spokesman for the Chamber, Jason Cooke said, the development of this land is important in ensuring that the Luas proposal will be secured and that an add-on can be included, linking the proposed new town to Bray Dart station.

Planning guidelines state that the combined population of Bray and the proposed new town could reach 100,000 people by 2020.

Consultants have however been requested to plan for more modest growth.

A spokesperson for Wicklow County Council said that the Council would prefer more modest growth in the population of Bray by 5,000 people over the next eight years.

Niall McGunness
Bray People

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