Friday 30 May 2008

East Coast Recycling gets warning to cut down dust

East Coast Recycling have been warned to clean up their act after a complaint was made over the amount of dust emanating from their Murrough site. Following a complaint from a member of the public to the environmental section of Wicklow County Council, a warden from the Waste Management Section visited the site on Thursday.

As a result of the visit East Coast Recycling have been instructed to cease shredding the timber which was the main source of the dust and to also dampen down the site. The situation will be monitored over the next few days by the Council to ensure their instructions are being followed.

Nicholas Corcoran is based out by the Murrough and made the complaint to the council after noting the amount of dust originating from East Coast Recycling was causing him to feel nauseous.

I ended up with watery eyes that were very painful, pains in my head and kept feeling nauseous. I never had any problems with my health before this. I never really noticed the dust before but the winds changed direction recently to a north/easterly direction and keep blowing the dust in my direction.'

He rang up the council as soon as he noted the affect the dust was having on his health, after it is pushed back into the atmosphere when waste for recycling is placed into crushers used on the site.

While he is pleased the council have acted on his complaint, but is far from happy that the incident occurred at all.

It' an absolute disgrace that we have this. It's an environmental hazard. You could see tiny bits of timber, little speckles, gathering on cars and other objects when the dust blew over.'

Wicklow People

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