Tuesday 19 August 2008

€2.2m public park to open in Limerick

A NEW public park will be opened in the Limerick suburb of Castletroy later this week.

The €2.2m park is one of the largest purpose-built public amenity areas developed in the county.

The development features 1.2 km of pedestrian pathways, a fully equipped children’s playground, skateboarding area, circular cycle route and central performance/exhibition area with covering structure.

It also features an array of natural habitats, including a 4,300 sq. metre lake, wetlands, wildflower grass areas and woodlands. The development, which is located opposite Castletroy College, is complemented by park furniture, ornamental planting areas, a public car park and main entrance feature. It will be open to the public seven days a week at daytime.

Cllr John Gallahue, chairman of Limerick Co Council, said: “These new facilities are a significant and welcome addition to Limerick’s outdoor recreational infrastructure. The provision of this state-of-the-art public park demonstrates the council’s commitment to further improving the quality of life for local communities. The development will be of particular benefit to the growing population of Castletroy and surrounding areas.”

Gerry Behan, deputy county manager, said the provision of sporting and recreational facilities and services is one of the core functions of local government.

He said: “Castletroy continues to experience growth in terms of developments and population. Therefore, it is imperative that this is matched by the provision of important infrastructure, such as recreational amenities.”

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