Thursday 28 August 2008

Dermo delivers for D4 and D6

Given that much building work is now concentrated on home extensions, its hardly surprising that one-time architect Ruairí Quinn TD has joined with Labour councillor Dermot Lacey to deliver - to every home in their constituencies - what is grandly called Dermot Laceys Planning Guide.

Wondering how to make a planning application for an extension, asks Lacey? Or for a drive or a porch? Ditto. Got some vague idea of conversions of garages into livingrooms? Dermo of Dublin 4 and 6 has the answers. Actually, its a well produced colour brochure which instructs on above and offers advice on how to complete your planning applications and how to appeal if refused. In what is sure to be a well-read section, it also instructs on how to comment on other peoples' published plans and how to appeal against them.

We imagine that latter section will be much in demand by the plain people of Ballsbridge, given the proliferation of multi-millionaire developers who have swooped upon their back gardens in recent years.

The Irish Times

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