Friday 18 May 2007

Call for a list of rented properties

ABSENTEE landlords are causing huge problems in housing estates throughout Limerick, it was claimed yesterday.

A call was made for Limerick city and county councils to make available an up-to-date list of rented houses within their administrative areas, that are registered by landlords.

The demand was made by Deputy Jan O’Sullivan.

She noted that, under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004, landlords are required to register their properties with the Private Residential Tenancies Board.

The Labour TD said: “Rented houses and absentee landlords are causing terrible problems. Gardens are overgrown with rubbish strewn all over them. These houses are a total eyesore.”

Ms O’Sullivan said she had received many complaints from home owners who are unable to discover the identity of absentee landlords who she said show little regard for their plight.

“If residents can confirm that a house is not registered they can then notify the Tenancies Board who, in turn, can take the necessary action to identify the owners of these rented properties,” she added.

Irish Examiner

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