Tuesday 22 May 2007

Minister Roche announces Interim CEO for the forthcoming Limerick Regeneration Agencies

Mr. Dick Roche, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, today (17 May 2007) announced that Mr Brendan Kenny (current Assistant Dublin City Manager) will act as interim joint Chief Executive Officer of the two forthcoming Regeneration Agencies in Limerick. These Agencies are being established to lead the development of comprehensive measures to address issues of social exclusion and disadvantage in the Moyross and Southill areas of Limerick City and to drive forward the regeneration of these areas.

Last October, the former Dublin City Manager, Mr John Fitzgerald, was appointed by the Government to lead an initiative to address social exclusion, crime and disorder in Moyross and other parts of Limerick City. Mr Fitzgerald presented his recommendations to the Cabinet Committee on Social Inclusion recently and the Government subsequently agreed to the implementation of his recommendations.

One specific recommendation from Mr Fitzgerald’s analysis was for the establishment of two area-based special purpose regeneration agencies – namely Limerick Northside Regeneration and Limerick Southside Regeneration.

Under Mr Fitzgerald, as interim Chairperson, these Agencies are being established to drive economic and infrastructural development in defined areas and to direct and co-ordinate intensive action to deal with social and economic disadvantage.

“My Department is currently finalising the necessary Establishment Orders to provide the statutory underpinning for the two Limerick Regeneration Agencies and to provide them with a wide range of powers to enable them to deliver on their mandate. This task is being given high priority by Government. The significant improvements that we are determined to deliver will be of benefit not only to the areas in question, but will also deliver spin-off benefits for the people of Limerick generally,” the Minister concluded.

Mr Brendan Kenny, is currently Assistant Dublin City Manager with responsibility for Housing, Social and Community Services. He has wide ranging experience in the types of challenges that will face the proposed Limerick Regeneration Agencies – in particular, he has carried responsibility for a range of social and community services that are essential to the creation of sustainable and vibrant communities and that impinge strongly on issues such as education, employment, health, security, childcare, leisure and recreation. A significant element of his recent work has been the major physical and social regeneration of a number of Dublin’s public housing estates such as Fatima Mansions, St Michael’s Estate and O’Devaney Gardens.

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