Sunday 27 May 2007

Scheme stuck between a rock and a hard place

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a 50m mixed-use scheme including a trade centre and a residential development near the Rock of Cashel have stalled after South Tipperary County Council served an enforcement order on the developer instructing him to demolish a number of cottages already constructed on the site.

Independent general-election candidate councillor Tom Wood has raised the issue of whether or not parts of the development already constructed are in compliance with the terms of the planning permission granted for the scheme. There is concern locally that some of the residential units already built are terraced houses rather than the semi-detached dwellings sanctioned in the development plans.

"A warning letter was sent to the developer on 27 March and prior to that an in-depth investigation was done, " said Marie McGivern, senior administrator in the council's planning department.

"The planning department has to be fair to everyone."

Developer Liam Campion says the controversy is "a storm in a tea cup" and claims there is widespread support for the scheme."I have been badly wronged."

He says the issue is causing Cashel to be portrayed in a bad light.

Sunday Tribune

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