Sunday 27 May 2007

Fun back on the beach as council lifts by-law bans

SINGING on a beach in Kerry will no longer have the potential for breaking the law - unless it is very out of tune.
And the simple act of barbecuing will not need a permit under new amended beach laws adopted by Kerry County Council.
Two years ago the by-laws which promised to clamp down on anything considered "a nuisance" and which outlawed a range of activities without a permit provoked a storm of protest.
Now, following public consultation, the council has amended the laws governing Kerry's 13 blue flag beaches and dozens of smaller beaches.
Horses are still banned from most fragile dune systems, as are illegal dumping and off-road vehicles, as well as water craft in areas where bathers frequent.
There is a clampdown, too, on unauthorised caravans, and a new beach warden is to take up duty shortly. Rangers and officers from the OPW will have powers to enforce the by-laws along with Gardai and the warden.
Football and regatta and community club barbecues will no longer need a permit from the county council after an amendment.
Cllr Paul O'Donoghue FF has welcomed the more sensible approach being adopted by the council.
He led the protest against the by-laws, describing them as "draconian" and as "the nanny state gone too far".

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