Friday 18 May 2007

Quarries becoming a problem

QUARRY regulations, or lack of, were questioned by Cllr Michelle Mulherin at this month’s meeting of Ballina Area Electoral Committee.
Speaking to members and officials she said that a recent report has shown that quarries have now increased from .267 hectares to 5 hectares in Mayo.
Chairing the meeting, she raised the issue of Breaffy Quarry which she said is causing concern for the people of the area.
“There is a school there and a residential area and with the current levels of noise and dust the residents feel they are not getting much information back from the enforcement section of the Planning Department,” said Cllr Mulherin.
She said she was in no way trying to work against the value of quarries. “In general I acknowledge that they are necessary but we need to construct proper roads in these areas. There are big trucks on these roads such as Attymachugh and Mullafarry and something just has to be done to sort it out.
Cllr Eddie Staunton said he also wants to see the issue of enforcement laws cleared up once and for all and questioned the difference between planning permission and a licence in the case of quarries. Deeming the situation “ludicrous”, he demanded something be done and sited a local quarry as in receipt of a 32-point conditional licence. “If there are so many conditions, then what is the difference between that and planning?” he asked.
Official Noel Burke told the meeting that regis-tered quarries face different planning systems and suggested that the enforcement section be contacted to address a future meeting on the various methods applied to quarries.
Anna-Marie Flynn
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