Friday 5 October 2007

Ireland issues national energy efficiency plan

Ireland has become the seventeenth EU member state to issue a national energy efficiency action plan as required under the 2006 energy end-use efficiency and energy services directive. The plan was announced on Wednesday, missing an EU deadline by more than three months.

Irish energy minister Eamon Ryan said the plan would increase efficiency by 20 per cent by 2020. Public sector efficiency would increase by 33 per cent. Key measures include energy efficiency programmes for all government departments, local authorities and other public sector buildings such as hospitals. Green public procurement guidelines will be issued and all public bodies will be required to purchase energy-efficient lighting from the end of the year.

Member states have been slow to submit energy efficiency plans to the European commission: all but three member states missed a June 30 deadline to do so. Among the countries yet to notify a plan to the European commission are Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic and Latvia.

Follow-up: See Irish government press release

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