Thursday 25 October 2007

Over-supply of planners?

Here's an email. One of a few I have received in recent weeks:

Dear Brendan,

What advice would you give to the significant number of planning graduates currently unemployed or 'badly employed' i.e not working within the planning sector? Anecdotally, I've heard that over 60 people applied for a recently advertised graduate position in Ennis; few graduates from the '07 class in UCD are as yet employed; and due to the glut of 1 year courses in Britain (essentially doubling graduate numbers there) opportunities in the U.K just aren't there like they were a couple of years ago. Also, to what extent do you think the IPI, or indeed Minister Gormley should intervene in order to alleviate the situation?

There is currently 1 Graduate Job advertised nationally...(NRA)

Kind Regards.

My response was:


This predicament has arisen due to oversupply. I qualified when around 16-20 planners trained each year at UCD (for the whole country). Now the numbers are out of control, with courses at UCD, DIT, UCC all containing large numbers. My advice is go where the jobs are - that is, go to the UK. I worked in Scotland as a planner in the past. The experience will place you ahead when you apply for jobs in Ireland.

Ten years ago no one expected a planning job in Ireland when they graduated. You obviously expect one now. I think given the numbers of qualified planners in Ireland now, your expectations are high.

It takes many people years to get the planning job they want.

Best wishes,


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