Monday 29 October 2007

Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2007

The Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2007 has been published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The Yearbook presents a comprehensive picture of Ireland today. It provides detailed information, tables and graphs across a wide range of topics. These include - the population, labour force, education, crime, the economy, agriculture, industry, services, prices, housing, knowledge economy and the environment.

The chapter on the environment covers such topics as -

* Transport

The total number of registered vehicles has increased by 103% over the period 1990-2005. Related CO2 emissions have increased by 166% in the same period.

* Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions (in equivalent tonnes of Carbon Dioxide) have increased by 24% during the years 1990 to 2005, while acid rain precursor emissions have decreased by 23% in the same period.

* Waste Management

The tonnage of household and commercial waste collected in 2005 increased by 3% relative to 2004.

* Recycling

34.6% of municipal waste collected in Ireland was re-used in 2005.

* Energy

Ireland's total primary energy requirement in 2005 was 15.61m TOE - an increase of 64% since 1990.

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