Monday 8 October 2007

Irish Architecture Foundation's Open house Dublin 2007

he Lord Mayor of Dublin, Paddy Bourke, has announced details of the Irish Architecture Foundation's Open house Dublin 2007 programme.

This year's weekend, the second ever such event, will take place from Friday October 19th to Sunday October 21st 2007.

Open House Dublin 2007 is a free event - inviting Dublin's citizens to explore their city's architecture through building visits and walking tours over the weekend, many led by architects and designers.

Details of close to 80 events and tours - on foot, by bicycle and even by water - of sumptuous historic interiors, cutting-edge contemporary architecture, iconic structures, exquisitely designed private residences and landmark public buildings were unveiled at the programme launch, attended by building owners, architects and volunteers as well as event stakeholders and the media.

Presiding over the launch, the Chair of the Irish Architecture Foundation, Antoinette O'Neill said - "Every city tells its story through its architecture - without it, our identity is lost. Our hectic lifestyles mean we rush past architectural gems, both historic and contemporary. Open House allows us to consider our surroundings in a new way and gives us the opportunity to visit and to further understand what a profound visual joy buildings can be."

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