Friday 22 June 2007

Council rules out lake water supply

THE possibility of taking water from mountain lakes to supply Kenmare has been ruled out by Kerry County Council.

Using such lakes as water sources would involve the building of a large dam in a scenic area, which would be of concern to the tourism industry. However, council engineers have opted to abstract water from the River Sheen to improve the supply to Kenmare.

Senior water services engineer Ger MacNamara stressed the urgency of providing a sufficient supply to Kenmare and warned of a crisis if a solution was not found soon.

Mr MacNamara felt abstraction from the Sheen was the most efficient way of providing supplies.

But, Independent Councillor Danny Healy-Rae believed lakes high up in the mountains would be a better source and would not interfere with farmers.

“Getting water from the higher lakes would also minimise pollution and ensure clean water,” he added.

He said there was concern among farmers that their activities would be restricted and planning permissions curtailed.

In August, Mr Healy-Rae claimed, there could be supply shortages in Kenmare when water levels in the Sheen dropped.

Irish Examiner

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