Sunday 17 June 2007

Study - Can Globalisation and Sustainability Co-exist?

More than two years in the making - 'Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalization?' - offers a blunt assessment of the business operating context in 2027.

The study depicts four alternate scenarios for the year 2027 in a 'card game' format - where clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades represent various combinations of environmental and societal wins and losses.

Grounded in the hard realities that business and policy leaders face now and through 2027, Raising Our Game is neither a starry-eyed look at a rosy future, nor a 'chicken little' prediction of inevitable calamity.

The report's authors say it is about the hard choices we face and what they mean for us all down the road. As the stakes rise, innovation, entrepreneurship and effectively sourcing ideas and talent from emerging economies, will be essential to managing the worsening divides that now threaten global stability. These threats are catalogued in Section three of the report.


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